Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Chinesed in China!

Just got home from a long hard trip to Asia. First was Manila as mentioned below, then I went onto china for the china open. I lost twice in the double ko stage, 11-8 to Marcus Chamat, and also 11-10 to the eventual winner Zhang of taipei. I played really well against Zhang, only to find that at 10-9 up I broke and didn't have a clear shot at the 1 ball, so I played a very strong safety where he only had 1path to the 1 ball....he played the kick shot perfect, re-hooking me where my only option was to jump....I made contact but left a shot on, and that was my last visit as he ran out, then broke and ran the last rack.....something that I have done to players many, many times over the years, so you have to take the rough with the smooth and carry on regardless.
Although it's starting to hurt losing so many matches on the hill, and also I seem to keep losing to the eventual winner of the tournament.....although this may be a good thing as it shows that it's taking a player in great form to beat me! That's how I look at it anyway, always taking the positives where ever possible.
Well, the next event for me is the Sarajevo open, followed by the US open, but a week or so off until then.

Until next time........