Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sarajevo Open

Just got back from sarajevo Open event....one word.....EXCELLENT! The tournament was ran to perfection, and the hospitality was second to none. We were made to feel very welcome, and to be perfectly honest I can't wait to go back there. The people were great and I made lots of new friends which is always a good thing.
The semis and final were played live on Bosnian TV, and the crowds were very enthusiastic.
Ralf Souquet won the tournament beating Raj Hundal in the final. I lost in the quarter final to Raj, who was playing better than I have seen him play for a long time. I had brushed a number of opponents aside unto the semis, but I played a couple of bad safeties in the first few racks, and before I knew it I was 8-1 down....not ideal in a race to 10 with alternate breaks! But I hung in there and started to perform like I can, and got the score line back to 8-9 behind, only to make another silly safety error, and that was my last shot in this event. All in all I am pleased with my overall form and i am looking forward to the US Open which I fly to on Thursday.
On another very positive note, I got my table fitted in my house today, so I now have somewhere to practice for the first time since March when my local club closed down!
So watch out! Lol
I will give an update of the US Open after the event.