Monday, 30 August 2010

Eurotour Finland

Well guys, just got back from Finland. I finished 5th eventually losing to the winner, Nick Van Den Berg. I did well to qualify for last 32 after losing my opening match 8-5, after that i won 5 matches in a row to qualify for the KO stages. I drew Ralf Souquet, probably the worst draw posible, but played perfect and romped home 8-2. I followed this up with a very similar performance against good friend Chris Melling, winning 8-2 again. In the quarters agains Van Den Berg i got kicked in-off twice off of my break...and that was it basically....i didnt do much wrong and lost 8-2. Thats the way it goes sometimes in this game, you have to take the rough with the smooth.
Karlos Boyes finished 2nd and nailed the first place in this years Mosconi Cup by finishing number 1 on the rankings, so well done to him for this, and also a great season in general.....a well deserved spot for sure!
I finished 2nd on the rankings well clear of 3rd place, and i was the only player to win 2 events in the series so i am well in the mix for one of the other spots, and because the European players (except for Karl) have not performed further afield this season, it should make my 2 Eurotour wins a big factor in the remaining places.
But lets just wait and see what happens with that.....

Next up is the World Cup of Pool in Manila where Boyzi and myself will be trying to make more history in the pool world!