Sunday, 6 November 2011


Well I have been so busy for the past few months, I have hardly had time to think never mind post on I am going to update you all on all of the happenings since my last post to now with this post....

In August I played a GB9 event, a 3rd place and a 5th place was the outcome. I then went to Germany for the Eurotour and had a disaster, I had a real tough draw again, but eventually lost to Tony Drago in a high class match 9-7. I finished 33rd. Then septemaber started with a win at the Gb9event, I beat Jayson Shaw in the final of the pro cup and also finished 3rd in the main event. From there I went straight to Manila for the Predator 10ball event, this was a real high class field. I finished 17th.then to Hungary for the Eurotour and 2 other events sponsored by Beassy. In the eurotour I finished 9th (again), and in the other 2 events it was another 9th and a 17th finsh.
October saw the US open where I played really well, I won many matches and it took 2 of the 3 Philippinos that were there to beat me, and in my final match I ran a 7pack and still lost! insight rally to my season as a whole.....really playing well but just not getting the rolls at the right times! I finished 13th here.
Onto Sarajevo, one of the best tournaments of the year as far as I am concerned. I played great stuff again but came up a little short in the quarterfinal against Ralf Souquet....another 5th place finish.

.....I have 2 more trips left this year.....the first will be back to Manila were I will play 2 high profile challenge matches against none other than Ronnie Alcamo, and Francisco Bustamente. These matches will both be Televised on Star Sports as well as a live stream for all to watch. I am really looking forward to these matches and hopefully I will play well and get the victories!
After that I have the Italian Eurotour in Treviso.
Then it's feet up time for Christmas with my family.
I just missed out on the mosconi cup again which is disappointing but to be honest, it's not the be all and end all to me like it is to others......yes all top players want to be in it, but this year, even though I was close, I probably didn't deserve to be in the team....unlike last year where I was virtually robbed lol.
Getting in the 2012 team will be one of my goals, and I am sure I will achieve this.

Onwards and upwards.....